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Corel Computer Launches the NetWinder™ DM

NetWinder™ DM, the Linux Computer for Developers

Ottawa, Canada — June 28, 1998 — Corel Computer today announced the release of the NetWinder™ DM, a powerful Linux-based development platform. Powered by the RISC-based StrongARM™ microprocessor, and the Linux operating system, the Corel Computer machine delivers high-end performance for commercial and institutional application development.

“We are pleased to deliver this much anticipated product, the first NetWinder in a family of network computer products from Corel Computer,” said Dr. Michael Cowpland, president and chief executive officer of Corel Corporation. “The Linux and Open Source communities have enthusiastically responded to the announcement of the NetWinder DM and its potential applications. Its size, power and value make it an ideal alternative development platform.”

The NetWinder DM is a development machine built on leading edge hardware and designed specifically for the power user. The combination of hardware and integrated open source software ensures that the NetWinder DM will be an ideal development tool for years to come.

“The NetWinder DM offers developers and OEM partners a chance to explore new markets and opportunities,” said Ron McNab, vice president and general manager of Corel Computer. “Low cost of participation, and the chance to offer unique solutions, consultation and experience are some of the reasons we are seeing such a positive initial response from the Linux community.”

What the Industry is Saying
“Conjungi was looking for a Linux-based computer system that had a small footprint, was network ready, and delivered good performance with low power consumption. The NetWinder met all our criteria and surprised us with its advanced I/O capabilities,” said Mike Simon, president and chief executive officer of Conjungi Corporation which was a test site for the NetWinder. “We had planned to deploy such a system internally for network monitoring purposes, but the NetWinder now also seems an ideal candidate for providing a low cost network appliance for end users in our business of supplying high speed access to multi-dwelling units and apartment complexes. One of the advantages of having multi megabit connectivity to apartment units is the ability to send and receive multi-media data streams. The NetWinder is the first box of it's size and cost and computing power that has this capability built-in.”

“Cary has been a test site for the NetWinder, and we have been impressed with the platform's stability, performance and maintainability,” said Bill Strosberg, president and chief executive officer of Cary Peripherals Inc. Cary Peripherals, a recognized leader in providing leading edge system platforms designed for tough environments and continuous operation, specializes in engineering and integrating products for the transaction processing marketplace. “Corel's very brave and innovative support for Open Source initiatives made us comfortable that the NetWinder would be well supported. The NetWinder leverages the Linux operating system community for a stable, reliable and fast foundation for the upcoming Java version.”

“The NetWinder is well designed and the small size and low cost make it great for digital signal processing, manufacturing control or embedded systems applications,” said Eric LaForest, beta tester and computer engineering technology student. “Because the operating system is Linux, I have been able to port a number of Open Source programs to the NetWinder without a hitch. I hope to be able to continue to use the NetWinder to study such applications as wearable computing. The NetWinder is a good system for this research because of its extensive built-in peripheral support and low power consumption.”

The NetWinder DM configuration

  • Linux 2.0.XX (Red Hat 4.2 with Corel Computer enhancements)
  • StrongARM (SA-110) 275 MHZ processor
  • 32 or 64 MB SDRAM standard options
  • 810 Mb, 2.1 GB or 3.2 GB hard disk options
  • 2 Ethernet connections: 10BaseT and 10/100BaseT
  • Parallel port (EPP/ECP), serial port and IrDA (software support fall 1998)
  • 2 MB accelerated video: VGA, SVGA, XVGA
    • 640 x 480 true color (24bit)
    • 800 x 600 true color (24bit)
    • 1024 x 768 high color (16bit)
    • 1280 x 1024 256 color (8bit)
    • 1600 x 1280 256 color (8bit)
  • 16 bit sound 44.1 KHz sampling (CD quality)
  • Full-duplex stereo in / out
  • Built-in microphone / speaker
  • NTSC/PAL (composite video in / out)
  • Onboard video capture and playback
  • Handset / headset – RJ11 (software support fall 1998)
  • Keyboard and mouse
    • Standard 101 PS2 compatible keyboard
    • Standard 2 or 3 button mouse (PS2 compatible)
  • External 110-220V to 12VDC, 1.5 amps DC
  • Physical dimensions 9.5"H x 6"D x 2"W
    • Sealed, tamper proof unit
  • Standard 1 year limited warranty (return to depot) (90 day warranty for mouse)

Pricing and availability for the NetWinder DM with 32MB RAM
The NetWinder DM is available directly from Corel Computer by calling 1-613-788-6000 or by contacting NetWinders with a 810 MB drive are available for US $699 or US $779 for a 2.1 GB drive. A 3.2 GB drive is available for US $869 while a diskless version (to be available late Summer 1998) will be available for US $569. Prices subject to change without notice.

The Future of Corel Computer
As part of Corel Corporation’s move towards more efficient operations, Corel Computer will be reintegrated as a division of Corel. Corel Computer will continue to develop the NetWinder family of computing products and high-quality CorelVIDEO™ conferencing systems.
NetWinder.Org is the focal point for Linux development on the NetWinder products. It was created by Corel Computer Corp. in co-operation with the Ottawa Carleton Linux Users Group (OCLUG). The web site’s mission is to promote Open Source development by those interested in using the Linux operating system and the NetWinder DM. Structured to allow Corel Computer to return source code updates to the Linux community, it provides a place for registered developers to store and manage their projects. In addition, NetWinder.Org will be a source for development information and technical discussions about Linux and the NetWinder.

Corel Computer

Corel Computer, a global player in the design and manufacture of high quality video conferencing and network computing products, markets the NetWinder™ and CorelVIDEO™ product lines as part of a strategy to merge communications and computing on the desktop. As a vigorous proponent of open standards and vendor neutral technology, Corel Computer has incorporated the StrongARM™ microprocessor and the Linux operating system into its compact, powerful NetWinder network computing products, which deliver more than 250 MIPS yet consumes a fraction of the power of an average desktop computer. Its CorelVIDEO platform comprises reliable, scalable tools for face-to-face video communications, whether across the hall or around the world. Corel Computer is a separate division of Corel Corporation, an award-winning developer of graphics software and productivity applications. Company information is available on the World Wide Web at


Corel and CorelVIDEO are trademarks or registered trademarks of Corel Corporation. Used with permission. NetWinder is a trademark of Corel Computer Corp. StrongARM is a trademark of Advanced RISC Machines, Ltd. All product and company names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

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