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75.04: SPARC Xterminal 1, X Terminal Software Version 2.1

Sun Microsystems Computer Company (SMCC) announces the SPARC(R) Xterminal 1, an enhanced version of the SPARCclassic(TM) X X-terminal, and X Terminal Software Version 2.1, the third release of software supporting the SPARCstation X-terminal 1 hardware platform.

The SPARC Xterminal 1 features a new low-cost desktop package identical to the SPARCstation(TM) 4, the addition of a new built-in 8-bit color pixel- accelerating frame buffer, increased memory capacity to 8 MB standard expandable to 128 MB, 1280 x 1024 resolution monitor support, and both TurboGX(TM) and TurboGXplus(TM) acceleration configurations for up to 2.76 Xmarks of performance. The SPARC X-terminal 1 remains the industry's most innovative and is Sun's lowest priced network UNIX(R) desktop system.

SPARC Xterminal 1

Point-and-click administration tools with pop-up and pull-down menues, speed centralized administration by grouping classes of users. Superior networking through a 50-MHz microSPARC(TM) processor and a selection from three levels of graphic performance enhance application throughput.

The SPARC Xterminal 1 continues to be the industry's easiest X terminal to install. Just type one command and answer one yes/no question and install the terminal software effortlessly in just minutes. No other X terminal can claim the superior administration, installation, and performance of SPARC Xterminal 1.


Announcement Date: January 31, 1995
First Customer Shipment Date: February 27, 1995




Q. Will AnswerBook(R) be supported on the SPARC Xterminal 1?

A. Yes, the X-based AnswerBook available with Solaris 2.3 will operate with X Terminal Software Version 2.1. Older, NeWS-based versions of AnswerBook will not.

Q. What are the boot host requirements?

A. Any SPARCstation, SPARCserver(TM) or SPARCcenter(TM) system with Solaris 1.1 or later Solaris 1.x release or Solaris 2.1 or later Solaris 2.x release is required from which the X-terminals can boot and be administered. The servers must be present after terminal booting to provide the SPARCstation X-terminal 1 with additional X terminal utility services.

Q. Since the SPARC Xterminal 1 now supports BootP, does this mean I can boot from non-Sun servers?

A. No. Sun's market focus of the SPARC Xterminal 1 and X Terminal Software Version 2.1 is on SPARC/Solaris environments. Public domain BootP daemons are available for operation on the SPARC/Solaris server.

Q. Do current SPARCclassic X customers need to upgrade their software to Version 2.1?

A. No. The software features and functionality in Version 2.1 are identical to Version 2.0, with the exception for the new SPARC Xterminal 1 hardware platform support.

Q. Will customers be able to upgrade from the SPARC Xterminal 1 to a SPARCstation 4?

A. Yes, Sun has a component upgrade available to a SPARCstation 4.

Q. Why does the SPARC Xterminal 1 only support 128 MB maximum memory, while the SPARCstation 4 supports up to 160 MB?

A. SPARCstation 4 provides a total of five expansion memory slots. SPARC Xterminal 1 supports four memory expansion slots, more than enough memory for X terminal applications.


SPARC Xterminal 1 Options

Description             Number

Color X-terminals
15-in. Color
Monitor, 8-Mbytes	S114DC-8

17-in. Color
Monitor, 8-Mbytes	S114FC-8

20-in. Color
Monitor, 8-Mbytes	S114C-8

TurboGX 8-bit Accelerated Color X-terminals
17-in. Color
Monitor, 8-Mbytes	S114FX1-8
20-in. Color
Monitor, 8-Mbytes	S114TX1-8

TurboGXplus 8-bit Accelerated, High Resolution X-terminals
17-in. Color
Monitor, 8-Mbytes	S114FX4-8

20-in. Color
Monitor, 8-Mbytes	S114TX4-8

X Terminal Software Version 2.1

Description             Number


X Terminal Software
Version 2.1 Boot and
Administration Kit -
English, French, German,
Italian, Swedish,
 Unified-Spanish	SVW-C

X Terminal Software
Version 2.1 Boot and
Administration Kit -
Japanese		SVW-46-C

X Terminal Software
Version 2 User
Manual - English	X9100

X Terminal Software
Version 2 User
Manual - Japanese	X9146

X Terminal Software
Version 2 User
Manual - French		X9102

X Terminal Software
Version 2 User
Manual - German		X9103

X Terminal Software
Version 2 User
Manual - Italian	X9174

X Terminal Software
Version 2 User
Manual - Swedish	X9106

X Terminal Software
Version 2 User
Manual - Unified
Spanish			X9172


Description			Number


8-Mbyte Memory Expansion
 (8-Mbyte SIMMs)		X108M
32-Mbyte Memory Expansion
 (32-Mbyte SIMMs)		X132M

NOTE: Maximum discount may apply; contact your local Sun sales representative for more details.

Video Memory

1-Mbyte Memory Expansion
 (1-Mbyte SIMM)			X102A

Version 2 License Upgrades

For users of X Terminal Software Version 1.0 wishing to upgrade to the latest "dot version" of Version 2.

Single-user upgrade
license			SVW-2.0-UL
10-user upgrade
license			SVW-2.0-U10L
25-user upgrade
license			SVW-2.0-U25L

Ordering Notes

Ordering Instructions

Order one country kit per system plus the appropriate operating system and media kit.

Keyboard and Country Kits

North American Type 5 country kit  X3500A
UNIX Type 5 country kit            X3540A

North American Universal           X3501A
UNIX Universal			   X3541A
French				   X3502A
German				   X3503A
Swiss-French			   X3504A
Swiss-German			   X3505A
Swedish				   X3506A
UK				   X3507A
Japanese Unix			   X3542A
Taiwan				   X3544A
Korean				   X3545A
Japanese			   X3546A
UK Unix				   X3547A
European Unix			   X3548A
Norwegian			   X3570A
Portuguese			   X3571A
Spanish				   X3572A
Danish				   X3573A
Italian				   X3574A
Netherlands			   X3575A
Australian			   X3576A
Finnish				   X3577A
European Universal		   X3578A
French-Canadian			   X3579A

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