lars brinkhoff's computers


Dual G4 PowerMac

My main machine. Used for programming.

NetWinder DM

Used for programming and as a router for the local network.

SPARCstation 5

Two of these. Currently not in use.

See also Frequently Asked Questions About Buying an Old Sun System.


A Laser Printer.

SPARCstation ELC

Used as an X terminal.

See also Sun Hardware Reference.


Currently not in use.

  • Vendor: Atari.
  • Announced: 1992.
  • CPU: Motorola MC68030 (M68000) @ 16 MHz.
  • RAM: 16 Mbyte.
  • Disk: 185 Mbyte (IDE).
  • Kernel: Linux/m68k.
  • Operating system: Homebrew, based on Watchtower.
  • Keyboard: Atari Mega ST keyboard.


Currently not in use, but I plan to experiment with FreeMiNT and Debian GNU/MiNT.

See also Atari ST Demo History and Atari Historical Society (especially this section).

SPARC Xterminal 1

Currently not in use.


I have been offered this beauty, or one much like it, but I don't have any space.)



TOPS-20 programming.

  • Emulator: KLH10.
  • CPU equivalent: DEC KL10 Model B (PDP-10).
  • RAM: 4 Mword (18 Mbyte).
  • Disk: 38 Mword (170 Mbyte).
  • Kernel: TOPS-20 Monitor.
  • Operating system: TOPS-20.
  • IP:

See also nocrew's PDP-10 site.

MicroVAX 3800

Experimenting with NetBSD.

  • Emulator: SIMH.
  • CPU equivalent: DEC KA655, CVAX (VAX).
  • RAM: 64 Mbyte.
  • Disk: 1436 Mbyte (MSCP).
  • Kernel: NetBSD/vax.
  • Operating system: NetBSD.

General information

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