Extend the semantics of 6.1.2165 S" to be:
( "ccc<quote>" -- c-addr u )

Parse ccc delimited by " (double quote). Store the resulting string in a transient buffer c-addr u.

( "ccc<quote>" -- )

Parse ccc delimited by " (double quote). Append the run-time semantics given below to the current definition.

( -- c-addr u )

Return c-addr and u that describe a string consisting of the characters ccc.

Typical use: ... S" ccc" ...

The interpretation semantics for S" are intended to provide a simple mechanism for entering a string in the interpretation state. Since an implementation may choose to provide only one buffer for interpreted strings, an interpreted string is subject to being overwritten by the next execution of S" in interpretation state. It is intended that no standard words other than S" should in themselves cause the interpreted string to be overwritten. However, since words such as EVALUATE, LOAD, INCLUDE-FILE and INCLUDED can result in the interpretation of arbitrary text, possibly including instances of S", the interpreted string may be invalidated by some uses of these words.

When the possibility of overwriting a string can arise, it is prudent to copy the string to a "safe" buffer allocated by the application.

T{ S" A String"2DROP -> }T    \ There is no space between the " and 2DROP